Why Sparrow?

We believe in our products and our process! We are a small company and 100% focused on creating the best electric ukuleles possible. We are constantly innovating our designs and tweaking our build process to provide the best instruments at amazing prices! Our lifetime guarantee says it all!

1) Fret Level - We level and crown the frets on every instrument that goes out the door. This is the key to making an instrument that plays comfortably and in tune, and is a step that is skipped over by most companies because it is time consuming and requires a lot of skill.

2) Intonation - Sparrow ukuleles are built to achieve the best and most accurate intonation possible. The fully adjustable bridge saddles allow us to dial in the intonation for any string gauge or set up.

3) Set-up - Every ukulele we make goes through our full 16-point setup process! This is really where the magic happens. Every available variable is adjusted and dialed in to proved world class sound and playability.

4) Quality Control - We don't outsource any parts our build. We make the neck, body and fretboard in house to our spec's. We wind our own pickups and build our pickup bobbins from scratch. Even small details like the nut, pickguard, neck plate and cavity covers are designed and built by hand in our custom shop!

All Sparrow ukuleles are designed and hand made in Richmond, VA, USA. We are dedicated to providing the best quality available. This means we do it ourselves in our own shop!

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