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Sparrow Thunderbird 5-string Black Cherry Steel String Tenor Electric Ukulele (Ships in 14 days)

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All Thunderbird Series ukuleles are built to order!  Your instrument will ship 14 days after your order.

The Thunderbird Series is our upper echelon "built to order" ukulele line. This tier offers exotic woods, ornate craftsmanship, expanded electronics, and more advanced features. These are USA made, professional quality steel string ukuleles built with premium quality materials.  Experience the highest level of ukulele quality with the Sparrow Thunderbird series!



This Thunderbird Series ukulele is "built to order" and will ship 14 days after your order.  Click here for more information on the Sparrow Thunderbird Series.

I've wanted to make this model for about 8 years, and it has finally come to fruition!  Behold the Sparrow 5-string Electric Ukulele!  This ukulele features both a high G and low G string.  There are nuances to both, so why not put both on one instrument.  I can't think of any reason not to! 

This model can also be set-up for a low D string instead of the high G for those looking for more bass note availability and more complex chord voicings.  We can easily do this for you, just leave us a note when you check out.

The neck on this beast is a little bit wider (about  0.23") than our standard tenor ukulele spacing, but don't worry, the action is smooth and low and the intonation is spot on. The 15:1 geared tuners are easy to dial in and hold tune flawlessly.  The nut is hand shaped out of bone.

The body shape is ergonomic and features a comfortable arm lean and belly cut, as well as a cutaway allowing easy access to the highest frets. The neck is Maple and the body is Cherry with a handsome deep red transparent clear coat.

The fingerboard is Pau Rosa and sports a comfy 16" radius making even the toughest chords a breeze to finger. The 2-way truss rod ensures perfect relief and neck angle under any circumstances.

The pickup is hand built and wound in-house to our specs! The Alnico V magnets yield a rich and touch sensitive tone and exceptional clarity. This model sports a “humbucker” which provides noise free operation and thick tone. Pulling out on the tone knob engages “single coil split” mode which yields crystalline single coil tones and bell-like chime. The “resistance dropping” circuit lowers the 500k potentiometer value (typically perfect for humbucking pickups) to about 290K, which is much more suitable for a single coil pickup. This provides an even more accurate approximation of single coil tone!

All Sparrow ukuleles are strung with our custom selected set of GHS strings to ensure the perfect balance of feel, playability, ergonomics, tone and intonation. 

Two strap buttons are installed.

The action is low and light and this uke will come out of the box set up and ready to shred!


Woods:  Maple neck and Cherry body. Pau Rosa fingerboard and Walnut bobbins

Strings: gGcea (high G, low G) GHS flat wound custom set:  .012 .032, .022, .016, .012. Want Low D tuning? Just let us know, no problem.

Electronics: The controls are standard volume and tone. The Alnico 5 magnet hand wound, custom designed pickup has 6500 turns (per coil) of 42 gauge copper wire and has a resistance of about 7 ohms. This gives the pickup a warm, organic tone that reacts nicely to picking nuance. All the bridge saddles are properly grounded to provide the quietest operation possible.

This pickup is wired for “coil splitting”. To access this feature, simply pull out on the tone knob and it will engage a switch that deactivates half of the pickup providing a much more “single coil” tone.

Truss Rod: Two way adjustable truss rod.

Tuning: gGCEA or DGCEA

Fretboard Radius: 16"

Bridge: We use individual string saddles to allow for optimum string spacing for the best feel and performance. The bridge saddles have individually adjustable intonation screws as well as standard height adjustment.

Nut: The nut is hand carved out of bone.

Tuners: 15:1 ratio geared tuners

This model comes with 2 strap buttons installed and is ready to rock!